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01/ Strong technical force

Our R&D team concentrate on researching and innovation of the rubber sealings with help of top-ranking software system that make the customers’ requirements datamation and modularization which guarantee the international competitiveness of our products

02/ Excellent test equipment

Seals rotation life machine,tensile inspector, projector,hardness tester,durometer,density meter, low temperature tester, air aging tester,ozonation machine,grinding machine,compression deformation tester, etc.

03/ Advanced production equipment

We have Automatic material formulation sysyem,performar, metal pressing machine,rubber mixer, vacuum presses, liquid nitrogen de flashing machines ,size inspection line,packing machine and etc

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7X24 hours service

Have a good customer service service team, to ensure that the first time customer service to solve customer problems, let you no worries.

Professional technical team

We have an excellent technical team, we can design and manufacture the products according to the customer's requirements.

The most reasonable price

Rubber formulation and metal pressing by our house to decrese cost and ensure delivery time

Identification of product quality

We follow ISO/TS16949:2015 to make parts. We also brought in auto-inspection machine named SCRAPPIX and KALIX  from UTP to control the appearance and dimension, avoiding defect parts shipping to customers


Yiwu great seal rubber products company is professional sealing products factory with more than 20 years experience,GOS owen high quality technical team and rubber formulation room.Test room for rubber and rotation.seals applicated in Automotive,motorcyce,Industry,irrigator,mechanical engineering.goods export to Russia,USA,Germany,Iran,Mexico,New Zealand and so on .

Factory is focused on the research , manufacturing and selling of different kinds of rubber sealings. We have many certifications such as FDA, ROHS,CE,NSF,ROHS etc and strictly implement ISO/TS16949:2015. 

Main products:  OIL SEAL,O RING ,RUBBER SEAL,BEARING SEAL,GASKET,VALVE STEM SEAL ,MAGNETIC SEAL and other rubber sealing parts.Supply to OEM and ODM market to meet your requirement.

Business Field-aerospace, shipping, railroad bridge, electric appliance, bathroom accessory, hydraulic pressure, fire equipment, mechanical equipment, medical treatment and public health, articles for daily use.



what is Difference of bearing seal and metal dust cover?


Bearing seal ring is to its sealing performance and service life has the vital significance.  - Bearing dust cover is to prevent the bearing into dust and other debris thus affecting the work. 

Oil seals and o ring kits buying guide


If you have seals request you can contact us

What is application of Irrigation gearbox oil seal?


Produce and sale Irrigation gearbox oil seal for UMC ,VALLEY ,PIVOT

High pressure pump seals new products passed oem customer test approval


High pressure seal Rotation speed is about 500 each minite,Rubber hardness: NBR80

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