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Yiwu great seal rubber products company( GS)  is professional sealing products manufacturer with more than 20 years experience with more than 160 employers in zhejiang China,We own high quality technical team with rubber formulation room and test room for rubber seals ,It is a specialized company integrating R&D and manufacturing.goods export to Russia,USA,Germany,Iran,Mexico,New Zealand and so on .Seals production OEM experience with ISO/TS16949

various shaft oil seals,O ring kits, engine crankshaft oil seals, bearing seal,valve stem oil seals, axle oil seals,gearbox oil seal , transmission oil seals, PTFE oil seal,mechanical seal,gas spring oil seals, rotary oil seals, engineering machinery seals and valve cover gasket.



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  • how ABS ring work

    ABS System is also called anti-lock Braking System, which is the abbreviation of the English Antilock Braking System, also called ABS. The ABS System mainly consists of three main parts: electronic control unit, sensor and hydraulic regulator (solenoid valve).   The ABS system is a saf...
  • how to use skeleton oil seal and sealing principle

     Today, We will continue to tell you about the skeleton oil seal in oil seals, including its structure, sealing principle and how to use it correctly to ensure the normal operation of equipment.   Skeleton oil seal is a typical representative of oil seal. Generally speaking, oil seal r...
  • Global overview of the automotive oil seal market in 2021: analysis of manufacturing cost structure, growth opportunities and constraints by 2025

    It is expected that the “automotive oil seal market” will expand rapidly in all development areas from 2020 to 2025. The automotive oil seal market report focuses on the main driving factors and constraints of the major players, and shows its development prospects with a competitive o...

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