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GS is premier manufacturer of different kinds oil seal and o ring gasket with more than 20 years experience with more than 300 employee in Zhejiang China,GS earned the reputation as a premium brand known for exceptional quality . consistency and innovation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer new technologies with quality technical team ,rubber formulation room and test room for rubber seals ,It is a specialized company integrating R&D and manufacturing.Seals export to Russia,USA,Germany,Iran,Mexico,New Zealand and so on .Seals production OEM experience with ISO/TS16949.Able to operate in difficult situations, GS are engineered to outperform in high speed, high vibration, and high altitude conditions and are excellent replacements for both lip and spring seals.

GS offer shaft seals , rubber seals , O ring in Automotive ,Irrigation system,Heavy duty vehicle,Industry machine,Aerospace,Home appliances .Our sales and technical support is available to help you in selecting the right material to meet your installation situation.We committed to provide the highest level of customer service,competitive pricing ,speedy delivery


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  • Great seal FKM VITON O Ring main characteristics

    Fluoro-rubber O-ring is one of the commonly used O-rings at present. It is widely used because of its good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. How high temperature can fluoro-rubber O-ring generally withstand? How about hardness and pressure resistance?   High tempera...
  • How to choose hydraulic seals

    It is suggested that hydraulic seals should be selected according to the following key points: 1. Stationary, reciprocating and rotating in motion; 2. Key piston, piston rod and plane for sealing; 3. Pressure determines the structure and hardness of the seal; 4. Temperature determines...
  • Causes of oil leakage of crankshaft oil seal

    Crankshaft is an important part of automobile engine. Its function is to convert the gas force from piston and connecting rod into torque, and the linear motion of piston into rotary motion, a valve train and other auxiliary devices for driving a vehicle’s transmission system and an engine. Basic...

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