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Name:Nbr Rubber Double Lip Tc Industry Oil Seal China Manufacturer
Temperaure:-40-250 centigarde
Size:different size mould

Product Description

TC type oil seal is rubber outside with spring and double lip 



crankshaft-front and rear oil seals of crankshaft-valve oil seals (O-ring of engine repair kit) (distributor oil seal, water pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump oil seal ...); Camshaft-camshaft oil seal; Transmission: transmission-transmission front and rear oil seals (transmission repair package O-ring) (transfer case-transfer case front and rear oil seals); Rear axle: half axle-rear half axle oil seal differential-(front) rear angle vector oil seal rear wheel oil seal front wheel oil seal direction oil seal (direction machine repair kit O-ring) direction booster oil seal (front half axle oil seal).

Oil seals are required for all parts of the running body box which have liquid lubricating oil and are connected with the outside. Some are rubber, some are metal, and most are steel-reinforced rubber, such as crankshaft rear oil seal, gearbox front and rear oil seal, left and right half shaft oil seal, main reducer front oil seal, air compressor crankshaft oil seal, etc.

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